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Data Destruction Service

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Data Destruction Service (DDS)

Colour Code absolutely understands how critical the protection of data is for any company or an individual, and this is because nobody wants his personal or confidential data to be leaked as this may cause big financial or personal loss (or both) to any person or entity.

By keeping all this in mind, Colour Code offers the complete, safe and secure data destruction service for every kind of data, whether it would be in the form of:

  • Hard Disks
  • USB
  • Compact Disks (CDs)
  • Floppy Drives
  • Tape Drives
  • Paper etc.

For the client’s convenience, we offer both On-Site and Off-Site data destruction services, as we are equipped with all the required machines that are needed to perform the job in the most safe, secure and environmentally friendly way.


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secure-data-destruction Recycling
secure-data-destruction Recycling Center
secure-data-destruction Recycling
secure-data-destruction Recycling