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IT & WEEE Disposal

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IT & WEEE Disposal

One of the biggest crisis the world is facing today is the excess amount of E-Waste being dumped into the open fields or in landfill without any discretion. Thousands of Acres of land is polluted with these types of E-Waste that release hazardous chemicals hence destroying the soil while wasting the precious earth metals at the same time.

Colour Code provides absolute solution for every type of Electrical & Electronics Waste Recycling. Colour Code’s process strictly adhere to international standards established by the United Nations Environment Programme and the WEEE (Directive 2002/95/EC).

Colour Code strictly follows ZERO Landfill policy and believes in every component can be recycled and can be reused for the manufacturing of new products.

Colour Code dismantles, shred and recycle every type of Old, Damaged, Used, Counterfeit and Overstock electronics, so none of them ends up in Landfill.

Some of the examples of E-Waste includes:

  • Every type of IT/Computer waste (CPU, Monitor, Laptop, Servers, Switches and its accessories etc.)
  • Household Electronics (Washing Machines, Televisions, Fridges, Microwaves, Fans, AC’s etc.)
  • Electrical and Electronic Parts (Motors, Compressors, Wires, Cables etc.)
  • Motherboards, Processor, Chips and RAM.


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