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Specialized Waste Recycling

(FMCG and others)

Disposing / recycling of the Specialized waste (FMCG Products, Non Hazardous Vicious and Non Vicious Liquid) in an environmental friendly way is known to be one of the biggest issues that manufacturing and logistics companies encounter these days, as they are left with minimum to no choice.

We at Colour Code specialize in recycling of every type of FMCG materials, Viscous and Non-Viscous liquids, hence allowing the manufacturing and logistics companies to get rid of their old, overstock, expired, damaged and leaking items in the best possible manner. Besides that, the Green Certificate of Recycling / Destruction issued by Colour Code can also be used to get the insurance claims, as our clients have been using our services for the same.

The process of specialized waste recycling by Colour Code is approved by Dubai Municipality.

Following materials falls under the category of specialized waste:

  • Shampoos, Soaps (either in Solid or Liquid form).
  • Creams and Lotions.
  • Perfumes, colognes and other perfumery products.
  • All types of Cleaning Items.



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