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Pressurized Cans Recycling

Colour Code is proud to be the First Licensed Company for Depressurizing Aerosol cans in UAE.

Pressurized cans has made a significant place among other FMCG products. Gone were the days when only deodorants and Insect killers were the one that used to come in the form of Pressurized Cans, as nowadays almost every type of FMCG product comes in the form of aerosols / pressurized cans beside its regular packaging, these includes but are not limited to cleaning products, beauty products and hazardous products and chemicals.

These Pressurized cans have surely made the life easy for the consumers and has helped FMCG companies to boost their sales. But however aerosol cans recycling is not only difficult but also a dangerous job, as they are pressurized cans and there is always a chance for them to explode or catch fire if they are not disposed properly.

At Colour Code, we specialized in pressurized cans recycling all and every type of cans irrespective of its content. Colour Code is comprised of State of the Art Aerosol depressurizing machine manufactured in U.S. to depressurize the aerosols in environmental safe way.

Other than just Expired aerosol/spray cans, Colour Code also recycles OverstockLeakingDamaged and Empty Cans as well. Empty Cans because they also have some residue which is inflammatory hence dangerous for environment as well as for individuals


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