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Metals Recycling

Metals are known to be one of the most significant material that forms the basis of the majority of the man made items that exist around us today. The need for conservancy of such materials is very critical, as they are available in finite numbers and their extinction can surely cause a global crisis, and there will be minimum to no hope for getting the product replacing these ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

There is surely a very solid need for metals recycling to conserve such materials, but unfortunately, thousands of tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals or the products made from such material are dumped into the landfill without any discretion. This not only wastes these precious metals, but sometimes the items made from such metals releases mercury and other harmful and poisonous materials into the landfills, which not only kills the soil but sometimes also gets mixed with the ground water hence polluting it.

Colour Code’s makes sure that none of these ferrous and non – ferrous metals end up in landfill, and are 100% recycled, hence allowing new items to be manufactured from these recycled material and saving the soil as well as precious earth metals at the same time.


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